Thursday, April 22, 2010

Gun Mechanics 1: Dry Firing- Myth, Truth, Advice


        I've been lectured by at least a dozen people, most of whom I did not know (self crowned range police) and family members, that to pull the trigger of a firearm while its hammer or striker was engaged was to commit sin.

       I don't dry fire other people's guns, not without their permission, that would be rude.
When they're my guns, I will do exactly what I wish, thank you! Even if...they're kind of right.

       Dry firing, as we all know is to actuate the trigger of a firearm while the chamber is empty and the hammer or striker is engaged.
Simply put, some guns will suffer no consequence from dry firing, and others can be broken, worn, or damaged.

        Lets have a look at some examples of which can be, and which cannot, based on their design. Making blanket statements would be easier, but I'll try to be precise and as accurate as I can, and if I am in error, please, PLEASE correct me. There is enough bad information bogging down the internet, without me contributing.....

Monday, April 12, 2010

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