Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"Open Carry Advocate Arrested for Homicide" .....what in the world?!

"A prominent gun rights advocate charged in a May 9 homicide seemed impatient with others in the so-called open carry movement when he announced his intentions on a message board two years ago.
"I've noticed that there seems to be no one in Milwaukee willing to get OC (open carry) started, but I was never one to wait for others," wrote Jesus C. Gonzalez, using the screen name Parabellum, from the Latin phrase that means, "If you seek peace, prepare for war.""

What does this have to do with the open carry of firearms? Tell me. Go ahead, tell me.
Thats right, nothing, nada, zip. The story barely touches on the actual  incident and focuses unnervingly on the man's choice of forums.

If I were to (god-forbid) have to shoot a person...would the media headline me with "Shooting suspect was rabid makeup enthusiast"? I imagine not, because noone is out to persecute makeup enthusiasts. Open carriers however...well they aren't the most popular of the bunch, so whos going to stick up for them?

Not to proselytize, but shouldn't the media focus more on reporting the facts of the incident over whatever his interests or political views?
Whether this was a justified shoot or not is really the question, not whether or not he liked the idea of carrying a firearm under his shirt or on his belt.


Stay Safe.